Our innovative service of Red & Blue Team together with our Training team allows our clients to be safe and secure

IHackLabs creates and simulated a plan for each client, analyzes the response capacity and help the client and your incident response teams. Our team of experts provide solutions to the problems detected and practical assistance creating specific training for employees through our cyber range platforms

ADTSaS (Attack, Defense, Training, Simulation as a Service)

Our security service not just includes the usual security assessments, but we want to cover the full spectrum of an attack simulation, that´s why we combine the activity of the Red Team and Blue Team.

  • Red Team Service: Assets your preventive controls in your organization, awareness of staff safety and challenges the detection and incident response processes of your Blue Team
  • Blue Team Service: Once the risks and vulnerabilities are detected by the Red Team, our Blue team interacts helping and guiding in the mitigation of the security problems identified.
  • Service Training Team: Our training and talent team will carry out specific training for the Blue and Red Team teams oriented to the detected vulnerabilities, to improve and train the staff.

To fulfil this task,  iHackLabs has the best and most advanced Cyber Range where almost every scenario can be simulated or replicated.