Why a subscription?
The subscription model allows access to an extensive catalogue of courses and virtual laboratories that perfectly meets the needs as a lover of cybersecurity. 

What topics are currently available?
Pentesting, web pentesting and digital forensics courses, as well as access to its laboratories and certifications, are available in the subscription model.
Is there a Refund Policy for either the Semi-Annual or Annual Subscription?
Due to the nature of the content, we have a NO refund policy. 
How can I cancel an active subscription?
The subscription is made with a single payment and is not automatically renewed. There is no cancellation process, only the expiration of the license.

Courses and laboratories

How do I access the virtual lab servers?
Access to the servers of virtual laboratories is via VPN. It is necessary to have VPN software installed on the computer.
Can I ask for server hints or advice to an instructor?
Depending on the type of license. ICPP + licenses and CREST training has unlimited instructor support. There is no student support available for the low-priced community license offering.
How soon can I start?
Once payment has been received, you will have full access to all the course content and virtual labs.


If I take a course, will I receive a certification?
Completing a course does not automatically grant its certification. It is necessary to pass three examinations: a theoretical one, a practice and a report delivery and an instructor will evaluate its quality. CREST courses are outside this certification scheme.
What is a certification voucher?
A course certification voucher is a bundle of three exams that have to be accomplished to obtain the course certification. Depending on the license, different examination options and retakes will be available.
How many certification vouchers do I have included the subscription?
One certification voucher (three exams) is included in each license, except CREST courses.
If I study hard, can I achieve all the certifications of the community license with one single subscription?
Yes, you can. As long if you don’t fail any exams and you have a valid subscription, yes.
How to I take the exams?
Theorical and practical exams will be performed in Argus Eye platform. The report has to be submitted to the instructors via email. If these three examinations are successfully achieved, the corresponding course certification will be obtained.
What if I fail an exam?
There is the possibility of acquiring retake vouchers to repeat the exam failed.
Retake vouchers
It is necessary to pass all three exams to obtain the coursed certification. You can buy a retake voucher (certification voucher) if you fail any of them. Different licenses may have retakes included.
Do vouchers expire?
No, the right to take exams is not lost unless you fail. A valid license is required to take the exams.
I have a question which is not covered above
Please email [email protected]